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Commercial Real Estate area is related to any land that is purchased with the intent of making money by constructing commercial facilities. This field may also include apartment complexes and industrial production buildings. Properties that belong to this sector are office buildings, malls, hotels, restaurants, medical centers, spas, among different other facilities where an owner is expecting to earn an income. Some professionals working on this field are Real Estate Agents and they are required to assist clients in selling and leasing properties in this commercial area.

Professionals working on Commercial Real Estate area usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Developing business relationships.
• Ensuring departmental compliance with policies and regulations.
• Making sales calls.
• Negotiating letters of intent.
• Monitoring deals.


• Having negotiation skills.
• Being reliable.
• Having excellent communication skills.
• Being analytical.
• Having good sense of marketing, sales, and advertising.
• Being able to build strong relationships with clients.
• Having knowledge of industry practices and lease language.
• Being able to succeed in a fast-paced environment.
• Having organizational skills.
• Being able to work alone or with a team.


Candidates for Commercial Real Estate jobs need to have a High School Diploma as a minimum academic qualification. In the specific case of the Real Estate Agents, they are mostly required to have a four-year Degree Program in Real Estate at university or college level. These courses include subjects such as finance, law, statistics, business administration, and economics. There are some brokerage firms that offer their own educational schemes and on-the-job training programs for new employees. Professionals working on this area need to be licensed. Applicants for this qualification need to pass a state-administered examination.

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