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A project manager is someone employed to oversee project of a wide variety and, therefore, need to be extremely organised, personable and have a keen attention to detail. The role is prominent within the construction, arts and IT industries, where specific projects are undertaken over a period of time with set goals and budgetary requirements to be fulfilled.
The primary aim of a project manager is to ensure that the client’s needs and requirements are adhered to and that the overall project is completed in a timely manner. It is also the job holder’s responsibility to ensure the project does not go over budget. This role requires a high level of communication skills to deal with multiple contractors, workers and clients and an calm disposition under pressure
Some of the day-to-day responsibilities of a person employed in this role include liaising with a range of professionals that are employed on the project, providing independent and professional advice to clients, as well as keeping track of standards, accounting and safety checks.
A project manager holds a senior role in their industry and will always have many years of experience in their chosen field. Some of the more successful job holders earn in excess of £80,000 a year.


Project managers handle all the different aspects and responsibilities of a major assignment. They plan budgets, hire contractors, review assignments, reevaluate strategies, visit sites, meet with stakeholders, and make sure the project finishes on schedule. It is their responsibility to achieve their goals and objectives a project.
These managers work in every type of industry. They work in engineering, construction, marketing, product development, architecture, shipbuilding, banking, and software development just to name a few. Project managers consider all aspects of their assignment and plan out every detail. They manage project teams and train staff if necessary. This allows them to maintain a high level of efficiency on their teams.
Project managers are known by other job titles. These titles include project coordinator, or project scheduler. Managers often works as assistants or coordinators on project teams and are then promoted to a managerial post. Project managers must be able to continually assess a project and implement new strategies and deadlines, if needed.
These managers receive good salaries and benefits. Some project managers are paid based on performance and meeting project deadlines. Sometimes when projects finish under budget or time, project managers are paid bonuses, for saving the company extra expenditure. Project managers occasionally have their own project management companies and offer consultancy services.


• Be able to manage financial matters
• Be able to utilize computer applications including Microsoft Project
• Have excellent team, leadership and organizational skills
• Be able to negotiate very well
• Be able to create new relationships and network with industry professionals
• Have strong stress management capabilities
• Be adaptable and professional
• Be able to delegate responsibilities
• Be able to prioritize tasks
• Be able to resolve conflicts
• Be level headed and calm
• Be respectful of different perspectives
• Be able to work with people from diverse backgrounds


The qualifications of a project manager are dependent on the industry they are in. These managers must have a first degree, but it is equally important to have academic knowledge of project management. Qualifications are sometimes dependent on the level of their responsibility or position.
Though employers value their qualifications, they are more concerned with the skills that project managers possess. Projects demand competent individuals who can lead, delegate, and plan. They must be flexible and reliable. Key of all skills is financial know how. Expenditure is a significant issue in managing projects, and project managers must be able to minimizing the budgets on a project. It is good for project managers to have prior experience working on projects, learning the requisite skills.

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