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A General Manager handles any number of responsibilities within an organization. These duties are wholly dependent on the type of industry in which they work. Managers may supervise the human resource and administrative departments. Their duties may include recruiting, interviewing and training new staff members.

They also oversee the financial aspects of a business, depending on its size. They try to curb expenditure and ensure that departments closely follow their budgets. General Managers also act as a connection to external service providers or clients. In addition, they manage information that is filtered throughout the company.

A General Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Minimizing company expenditure
•  Drafting business proposals
• Evaluating company productivity and performance
•  Conducting staff evaluations
• Procuring company equipment
• Drafting new company objectives
• Implementing business strategies
• Recruiting new staff
•  Supervising employees


• Acute in business dealings
• Conflict management
• Motivation
• Mentoring
• Negotiating
• Networking
• People management
• Time management
• Being a visionary
• Being technically capable
• Being a team leader
• Being able to resolve issue
• Being able to make sound decisions
• Being confident
• Being professional
• Being persistent
• Being a first rate communicator


General Managers possess qualifications that are directly related to the industry in which they work. Their qualifications are typically in business related areas such as Business Administration, Management, Economics, Finance or Accounting. People who have MBAs have a better opportunity at gaining entry into this position. Graduates with high GPAs from Business schools will also be readily accepted by employers. Nonetheless a great record of accomplishment in managerial assignments is more valuable.

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