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The responsibilities of an operations manager are varied and many. They perform integral functions in the maintenance of productivity, development of practices and policies, and implementation of strategies in a business. Certain functions may fall under their portfolio. This includes: • Finance and budgets
• Payroll
• Human resource, personnel
• Data entry
• Accounts payable, purchasing
• Organizational management Operations managers work in conjunction with top executives, and directors to manage organizational functions. Often, they assess the productivity of the company evaluating reports and figures to find new areas for growth, change, and improvement. To accomplish this they determine the best use of physical and human resources. All departments contribute to the overall success of an organization and an operations manager coordinates with these units to ensure they are efficiently supporting the same objectives. This demands that a professional in operations management not only be competent in their capacity but assertive, and amenable in their interpersonal connections. It is integral that all staff consider them effective and transformative leaders.
This position pays a lucrative salary. Highly competent professionals demand even higher wages. With experience comes growth and with that growth, operations managers receive lucrative benefits, allowances, and wages.


• Be able to work in diverse working environments
• Excellent negotiating dexterity
• Effective networking skills
• Proficient leadership and supervisory abilities
• Good interpersonal proficiency
• Proficient IT capabilities
• Functional communication and listening skillfulness
• Ethical and professional
• First rate planning and time management expertise
• Good analytical skills
• Amicable and dependable


Operations managers typically have degrees in business courses. Their position requires them to have a comprehensive understanding of administration, management, finance, and communication. Employers expect their managers to be adept in all these areas, and utilize their knowledge to run a productive business. Some operations managers have extensive working experience, a record of accomplishments, and a first degree. This is acceptable to many employers, who value the transferable skills an experienced manager brings to the business. Often times, operations management positions are occupied with employees that were transferred or promoted, and who have been working with the company in a similar position.

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