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Someone who works in Mergers and Acquisitions has a tremendous amount of responsibility. They are expected to be very trustworthy and competent. Their jobs involve them supporting their companies in acquiring parts of other businesses or an entire company. It may also be joining the two businesses.
There is a great financial aspect to this job. They may work for a company who is doing a onetime acquisition, as consultants; or an M & A Executive may work for a company that specializes in procuring divisions, subsidiaries and merging companies successfully. People involved in this venture would include analysts, paralegals, corporate lawyers, vice presidents and CEOs.
To perform this job, individuals need to be analytical, innovative and excellent presenters and communicators. The salary can vary depending on the location, company, project and level of seniority or experience. It is a solid and attractive remuneration nonetheless; with added perks or benefits.
An M & A Executive usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Directing company policies
• Managing various work teams
• Analyzing budgets
• Working with administrative teams
• Identifying if mergers are feasible
• Having extensive knowledge and experience


• Being very analytical and detail oriented
• Being able to present and communicate effectively
• Being able to work in diverse working environments and at various levels
• Being ethical and trustworthy
• Being able to manage stress and multiple projects
• Having the skills to analyze financial data and conduct data modeling
• Having the wherewithal to comprehend business patterns and resolve problems
• Being able to work with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds
• Having excellent computer skills
• Being good at team work and cooperation
• Having the capacity to learn quickly
• Being flexible and able to priorities


The job of an M & A Executive requires first rate knowledge and skills relating to financial and accounting information. Attending and pursuing courses at a business college is a very good step towards getting this type of position. There are many schools that offer courses in Finance, Business, Mathematics, Economics, Statistics or Accounting.
Appropriate qualifications would include a:
•    CPA
•    JD
•    MBA
•    BS/BA
•    Masters Degree
•    PhD

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