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Managers have many responsibilities. They may be in charge of small to large teams, departments, an entire business or several locations. The tasks performed by them is dependent on the industry; whether sales, marketing, operations, banking, finance, engineering, computer, manufacturing, telecommunications or security. All these various sub sectors have different job requirements, skill sets and responsibilities.
A Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Recruiting, interviewing, hiring and mentoring new employees
• Delegating responsibilities
• Assessing staff performance
• Developing employee objectives
• Appraising business systems
• Implementing business procedures
• Attending meetings
• Conducting presentations
• Dealing with clients
• Preparing budgets
• Minimizing expenditure   The compensation for being a Manager varies. This may be dependent on the company size, responsibility and years of experience that they have. Typically, they earn good salaries. Their remuneration often includes benefits such as insurance, pension, health care, stocks, and allowances such as meal, travel and petrol. Managers often receive company perks such as car, laptop, membership in various associations and clubs, or tuition for furthering their education.
The setting in which a Manager works is again dependent of the type of business. The offices of a bank, hotel, store, or a computer company are different than that of a car manufacturer, processing plant, or a utilities company.


• Verbal and written communication
• Comprehensive knowledge of business procedures
•  Reporting
• Accounting
•  Leadership
•  Supervision
•  Organization
• Resolving problems
• Being proactive
• Being courteous
• Being professional
• Adaptability
•  Negotiation
•  Networking
• Teamwork
• Mentoring
• Conflict management
• Information technology


A Manager may possess various qualifications. The requirement is dependent on the needs of the employer or the industry. Most Managers tend to study for a Masters Degree or an MBA. This is highly preferred by employers. Managers operate at all levels within a company whether in junior, senior or executive positions. It is important that Managers have a superb record of accomplishment and comprehensive technical or business knowledge.

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