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Technicians use their theoretical understanding of equipment and machines to keep them running and provide maintenance. These professionals are not limited to one environment. They work in many industries or companies, indoors or outdoors.

Technicians work in different phases of engineering as well; in design, development, production, testing, operation, or maintenance. They can specialize in particular machinery. They are known to work on or participate in the manufacturing processes to build airplanes, vehicles, printers, computers, reactors or even power plants. They are also referred to by many titles. These may include:

• Mechanical technicians
• Automotive technicians
• Tool designers
• Mechanical drafters
• Production technician

A Technician usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Fixing equipment
• Reviewing blueprints
• Drawing sketches
• Developing products
• Using complex tools
• Testing models
• Preparing reports
• Managing budgets
• Installing equipment


Expertise in the following areas is an asset:

• Stress management
• Resolving problems as they arise
• Managing and using new technology
• Being computer literate
• Being able to understand numeric data
• Being analytical and able to figure out problems
• Being able to communicate effectively
• Understanding scientific data
• Being creative and resourceful
• Being able to work in diverse situations
• Using mechanical knowledge efficiently
• Working in teams
• Being flexible to follow work schedules
• Being organized and prepared
• Being strong and having endurance


There are various routes you can take if you are interested in pursuing a career as a Technician. You should first be technically inclined. Be good with your hands and have patience in dealing with different problems. You may need to be good at subjects like Information Technology, Mathematics, Engineering and Science. Some Technicians attended vocational schools where they developed their skills in their area, completing two year programs. Often they receive the opportunity to go on as apprentices and understudy other industry technicians who have years of experience. They duration can take anywhere from two to four years and may require further classroom studies.

There is also the university or college route. Millions of professionals come out with Bachelors of Science or Engineering. Others will continue their studies and get their Masters or Post Graduate Degrees. You should check your local community colleges for programs in Engineering or Mechanics.

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