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Managing the maintenance responsibilities of a company is a highly demanding and important job. The duties of a Maintenance Manager affect the constant running of that business and impact its productivity. Without resources people cannot work and it will be your responsibility to ensure machines are maintained frequently.

These managers are highly skilled and knowledgeable about a number of physical resources and how to fix or maintain them. They may be responsible for vehicles, electrical circuits, computer equipment, tables, chairs and other furniture. Maintenance Managers must be able to forecast correctly and fulfil the need for new equipment when required. They are also responsible for maintaining certain health and safety regulations.

A Maintenance Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:

•  Inspecting the facility
• Checking electrical units
•  Hiring other maintenance professionals
•  Ordering parts and equipment
• Recording daily maintenance activity
•  Delegating work responsibilities
• Hiring new staff
• Contacting service providers and contractors
•  Preparing work schedules


• Communicating effectively in written and oral form
• Conducting organizational and administrative duties
• Managing people and time
• Conducting more than one tasks
• Plumbing and carpentry
• Building and equipment maintenance
• Using Electrical and other tools
• Understanding computer applications
• Troubleshooting issues
• Understanding blueprint and estimating needs
• Being adaptable and self driven
• Project management and prioritizing
• Preparing work schedules
• Recording and reporting


It is good to complete a high school diploma and then move on to further maintenance training, when pursuing a career in Maintenance. You can then move on and study for a Bachelors or Masters Degree in Administration or Personnel Management, in conjunction with other trade courses. These trade areas may include:

•    Plumbing
•    Carpentry
•    Masonry
•    Electrical
•    Construction

Some colleges offer Associate and other two year programs if you desire a shorter period of study. Other courses that are beneficial to the career of a Maintenance Manager and are accepted by employers include Engineering and Business Management. Depending on your area you may need to fulfil certain health and safety recommendations or regulations; such as being licensed in particular skills areas.

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