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Machinists are required to use milling machines, grinders, lathes and other machine tools in order to produce precision metal parts. They review written blueprints and specifications, calculate where to bore or cut into the work piece, determine speed, and plan the sequence of cutting. These professionals also detect problems by listening for specific noises or excessive vibrations. They may work at machine shops and companies related to the manufacture of aerospace parts and products, motor parts and vehicles, among other manufacturing industries.

Machinists usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Installing machines.
• Cleaning the work area.
• Reviewing blueprints.
• Administering operating controls.
• Applying preventative maintenance to machines.


• Being able to read schematics.
• Having good written and verbal communication skills.
• Being able to detect malfunctions.
• Having manual dexterity.
• Being accurate.
• Having understanding of using repair tools, testing machinery, and equipments.
• Being physically fit.
• Having knowledge of metals.
• Being able to stand for long periods of time.
• Being self-motivated.


Machinist jobs demand candidates having a High School Diploma or equivalent academic qualification. Students who want to work on this field are encouraged to take courses in blueprint reading, drafting, geometry, trigonometry, and metalworking. Candidates also need to have basic computer skills and knowledge of advanced applied calculus and physics. There are apprenticeship and training programs offered by some companies in order to provide suitable knowledge and skills to applicants. These schemes can last up to four years, where trainees work full time under the supervision of experienced professionals. These courses also include classroom instruction including subjects such as blueprint reading, physics, math, materials science, mechanical drawing, among other topics. Licensure and certification requirements are optional in this area. The National Institute of Metalworking Skills offer certification for persons working on this field by passing a written examination.

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