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Production Engineers have an extensive knowledge and expertise about the manufacturing and production process. Companies hire them to fill integral roles that will help to advance their companies and increase productivity. Their jobs are similar to that of industrial and mechanical engineers; as they study, monitor, test, and make recommendations for the manufacturing process.
Apart from the manufacturing process, they are extremely versed on the products or services developed by the company and the needs that they fill. They understand consumer requirements and may even conduct focus group testing. Many are skilled in computer technology and engineering equally. The remuneration they receive for their roles is very lucrative, so are the benefits. This is so because they are constantly exposed to various environmental and on the job dangers. They may need to wear protective gear and clothing, plus observe the strictest health and safety rules.

A Production Engineer usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Identifying risks
• Coordinating various procedures
• Implementing project schedules
• Delivering quality engineering solutions
• Guiding the production team members
• Mentoring junior engineers
• Networking with professional
• Making recommendations


• Resolve problems
• Meeting deadlines
• Interpreting complex drawings
• Communicating and listening
• Following instructions
• Being adaptable and wiling
• Being amicable and respectful
• Handling multiple projects
• Time management
• Cooperating with management
• Understanding statistics and numeric data
• Keep operating costs low


The following Bachelors or Masters Degrees can be helpful in pursuing a career as a Production Engineer:

•    Electronic Engineering
•    Mechanical Engineering
•    Electrical Engineering
•    Industrial Engineering
•    Mathematics
•    Statistics
•    Production
•    Manufacturing

Having Association for Operations Management (APICS) or Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence (CMQ/OE) is also very beneficial and prepares many opportunities in your career. In order to attain these certifications you will have to successfully complete the necessary tests or exams for Production Engineers.

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