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Retail sector is a growing industry that is composed by services and sales fields. This area features chain stores and small businesses that sell products directly to customers. Companies in this industry are classified as niche businesses, department stores, and discount stores. Some professionals working on this field are the Retail Sales Agents and they are required to maintain copies of client´s transactions and help customers with purchasing decisions. Other specialists are Loss Prevention Retail Managers, Merchandising Team Associates, Divisional Merchandise Managers, among other professionals.

Retail workers usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Greeting clients.
• Reducing financial losses.
• Researching retail competitors.
• Traveling to store locations.
• Assisting retail buyers.


• Being polite.
• Having good communication skills.
• Being physically fit.
• Having neat appearance.
• Being able to work on holidays, weekends, and late nights.
• Having understanding of safety regulations.
• Being able to precisely calculate cash balances, discounts, and total amounts.
• Having financial skills.
• Being able to motivate others.
• Having IT skills.


Persons who want to work in the Retail industry need to have a High School Diploma or equivalent qualifications as a minimum requirement. Applicants having a Bachelor´s Degree related to this field will have better job opportunities to work at higher level positions. Experience is a valuable point for most employers in this industry, but there are some posts open to people without any experience, including on-the-job training programs. Those who want to work as Retail Sales Agents are required to have an Associate´s Degree in Business Operations or a High School Diploma. Candidates for Merchandising Team Associate jobs need to have a High School Diploma to apply or relevant retail experience to have on-the-job training. Applicants for Loss Prevention Retail Manager posts need to have a Bachelor´s Degree in Criminal Justice.

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