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Seasonal retail workers are dependent on the availability of a certain job during particular times of the year. Seasonal work is particularly associated to the holidays, because there is a high demand for extra personnel in many retail stores. This type of work is sometimes also known as contractual, seasonal, temporary, interim, or freelance work.

The job specifications are dependent on the industry and company that a Seasonal professional works in. Each job has its own duties and remuneration and benefits are not standard. The hours are determined by the industry, company size or employer. Some job positions may provide benefits such as sick days, commissions and bonuses. Seasonal retail workers may work a variety of jobs for different employers.


• Being perceptive and thorough
• Being ambitious
• Multitasking
• Working in different environments
• Planning and prioritizing
• Being courteous and helpful
• Being prompt and efficient
• Being decisive and using own initiative
• Information technology
• Being persistent


Seasonal retail workers are often high school graduates. They apply for positions that allow them to work in supermarkets, stores, retail stores, boutiques and salons. This opportunity permits them to learn and strengthen their sales skills. There are seasonal workers who have graduated from High School and work under these conditions whenever a position is available, since experience is highly valuable in retail seasonal jobs.

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