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This is a highly professional role that involves a great deal of skill and knowledge of a particular market. The regional manager of a company is the employee delegated to head the branch, product or service in a particular geographical region, often with the expectation for the brand to grow. This position therefore carries with it a great deal of responsibility
Regional managers are usually in charge of a large workforce, incorporating many different branches of offices. They are therefore the first port of call if something goes wrong, so must know the business inside-out. It is essential that the job holder commands authority but is also approachable
Regional managers usually require a degree (preferable in business), so some positions can be gained by working up through company ranks. Additional management courses are usually required on a regular basis through employment. While many in this position are paid bonuses and commission, the average wage is approximately £40,000 a year.


Regional Managers work for large corporations, firms, and multinational companies. They supervise several locations or offices, and are responsible for the operations at those locations. Managers in these positions typically have other managerial and supervisory staff reporting to them.

Regional managers may be department specific and oversee a particular job, such as sales, marketing, and advertising, in offices across the region. This is especially the case for companies in sales that hire a large number of employees without centralizing all of their operations. Managers receive lucrative salaries, stocks, bonds, pensions, vacation, insurance, and allowances.

The responsibilities of a Regional Manager include:

•  Supervising staff
•  Coordinating with departments
• Attending meetings
• Preparing reports
• Executing business strategies
•  Conducting presentations
• Conducting training sessions
•  Motivating employees
• Collaborating with managers
• Being responsible
•  Achieving goals
• Fostering customer relationships
• Reinventing the company image


• Prioritization
• Management
• Leadership
• Motivation
• Analysis
• Organization
• Reporting
• Critical thinking
• Professionalism
• Prudence
• Planning
• Decision making
• Problem solving
• Presentation skills
• Negotiation
• Communication
• Employee relations


Regional Manager qualifications are job specific. Managers at this level are expected to hold at least a Bachelor's Degree, but preferably a Master's Degree. Degrees in accounting, finance, economics, business, and management offer prospects and advantages.

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