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An Operations Assistant performs administrative, reconciliation and customer service duties. They work with clients by answering their queries and giving account updates. Assistants also review merchandise and fill customer orders. Among reconciliation functions, they may do record keeping, and reconciling bank accounts and wire transfers.

The responsibilities of an Operations Assistant include:

•  Performing administrative duties
•  Assisting receptionists
• Couriering important files
• Providing innovative ideas
• Managing records of company policies and procedures
• Coordinating company meeting, events and sessions with other department assistants
• Preparing guests or client accommodations
•  Creating presentations, documents, files, spreadsheets and databases
• Arranging for the delivery of domestic and international packages
• Preparing financial reports

Operations Assistants help the operations managers, chief executive officer (CEO) or chief operations officer (COO). They may also aid other executive managers. Operations Assistants must be adept, proficient, highly motivated, can endure immense work pressure and be very dependable.


• Typing
• Organization
• Team work
• Professionalism
• Enthusiastic
• Computer knowledge and skills
• Following instructions
• Time management
• Flexible schedule
• Data entry skills
• Handling project assignments
• Follow through
• Interpersonal skills
• Approachable
• Ability to learn quickly
• Observant and self motivated


Operations Assistants positions often require an Associate Degree or Diploma. They work closely with executive officers and must have the requisite skills to function in that position. Having a Bachelor's Degree and a record of accomplishment is an asset for this position. Having special training in bookkeeping, word processing, document management, business administration, and data entry is recommended.

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