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The role of an office manager is to oversee the steady running of the day-to-day operations of an office. This position involves assigning and relegating secretarial and clerical functions, ensuring that no staff members are overloaded with work, keeping track of absences and expenses and disciplining staff.
Some of the responsibilities undertaken by those in a management role within the office include ensuring adequate supply of stationery and equipment, so that various staff and departments can adequately carry out their duties. The Office manager may also find themselves updating health and safety policies, dealing with customer complaints and resolving disputes in the office.
The qualifications required for an office manager vary from company to company. Exposure computer skills, accounting and data processing are an advantage for those interested in applying for this position, as is a qualification in business or management. The average salary for a person employed in this position in the UK is £18k - £20k per year.


Office managers are in charge of various organizational, administrative and other daily responsibilities. Their job responsibilities are dependent on the particular industry or company in which they work. However, the scope of their function is to manage the office and its staff members. Managers oversee the functions and delegate to clerical staff. They recruit, interview and train these employees. Conducting assessments periodically helps them to guide and train these staff members appropriately. Mangers often conduct training sessions on administrative procedures, stress management, or on new business policies and practices. They are also required to handle interpersonal issues, making staff redundant, or fire non-performing employees. Handling the budget and minimizing expenditure is high on their list of priorities. They review and assess the mechanisms, infrastructure and produce strategies to cut costs. They sometimes decide employee pay scale and increments according to industry standards. Office managers must be equipped with proficient numeric of accounting skills to manage the company’s income and expenditure. Functions of an Office Manager may include: • Order office supplies and equipment
• Approve budgets
• Prepare reports, office communication and other administrative documents
• Mediate with and mentor employees
• Ensure a comfortable working environment
• Delegate responsibilities
• Meet with executives, managers or colleagues
• Hire, train, assess and fire staff


• Be an effective decision maker
• Have good management and leadership skills
• Have excellent planning and project management skills
• Be able to communicate effectively – both in written and verbal format
• Have superior organizational skills
• Have initiative, and integrity
• Be able to use computer systems and applications
• Be adaptable
• Be able to collaborate with other managers
• Be able to handle stress caused on the job
• Be responsible


Office managers are required to have at least a first degree. Having a Masters Degree or MBA is also beneficial. Employers normally prefer that these managers have their degree in a business related field, including administration. Some business managers usually have several years working experience, before being promoted to the position. Managers must be able to continue their studies and improve their professional knowledge and skills. Training or succession programs are often available in companies to assist their employees. Often times administrative employees shadow their managers, which helps them, develop their skills.

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