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A great way for young people to find themselves a job with a steady income is to work their way up from an entry-level position within an office. Such roles include that of an office assistant. This role, while entry level, essentially acts as a support for the various departments, ensuring the office runs smoothly.
Some of the tasks undertaken by an office assistant include ensuring that all paperwork is handled with appropriate care and attention and is filed appropriately, answering the phones, preparing and opening mail and running general errands for more senior members of staff.
Office assistants are generally entry-level employees who have joined the workforce after a period of absence, or those who have rejected further education in order to join the workforce. While the roles vary significantly from company to company, the average wage for an office assistant is approximately £9,000 to £12,000 a year.


Office Assistants perform many different and ad hoc duties in an office. Their tasks are typically delegated by an office manager or administrator. They are often given the title of administrative assistants or secretaries. Assistants may work with managers, directors, or executives. Some employers offer each managerial staff an administrative assistant to help with their responsibilities. Others allow departments to have one office assistant.
An office assistant’s responsibility can be more focused. Depending on the company, they may train entry-level administrative staff or interns. Senior assistants aid with human resource responsibilities such as interviewing and performance assessments. Usually office assistants were to perform tedious functions around the office but presently they do more job specific functions to help their managers.
The responsibilities of an Office Assistant includes:
• Typing up documents
• Filling
• Preparing reports
• Keeping records
• Maintaining employee contact information
• Dispersing internal and external printed, and electronic communication
• Completing errands
• Sourcing and ordering office supplies
• Faxing
• Answering phone calls
• Copying and binding documents
• Entering data
• Taking meeting notes


Expertise can include:
• Computer hardware and software proficiency
• Online research
• Enduring work stress
• Prioritizing tasks
• Communicating and listening
• Relating to diverse people
• Following instructions
• Initiative and independence
• Respectful and courteous
• Detail oriented and organized
• Discreet and professional
• Typing and word processing
• Multitasking  


An Office Assistant typically has several qualifications, certificates, diplomas, and associates. Regardless, they are expected to have the requisite skills to operate in a professional office setting. They are expected to be computer literate, courteous, amicable, and have excellent telephone skills.

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