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Marketing Managers are often times responsible for all the marketing or sales related activities within a department or company. They oversee and delegate responsibilities to marketing assistants, public relations officers, or other marketing staff under his authority. They do promotional, advertising and other marketing duties.

These managers will network with a lot of sales, marketing, communications and media people. Their job dictates that they garner as much exposure or publicity for the clients goods or services. Marketing Managers must remain in the ‘know’ when it comes to their industry and what are the latest buying and selling trends or innovations and inventions.

A Marketing Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Looking critically at potential partner relationships
• Implementing marketing plans
• Suggesting marketing solutions to development teams
• Managing product life cycles
• Organizing media coverage
• Assessing employee capabilities
• Demonstrating marketing knowledge and skills
• Researching new marketing trends


• Understanding marketing dynamics
• Being flexible and open to traveling for the job
• Managing multiple projects
• Time and people management
• Leadership and organization
• Multitasking and efficiency
• Training and development
• Meeting deadlines
• Human resource and presentation
• Communication and listening
• Being multilingual
• Networking and negotiating
• Being adept and innovative


People in marketing jobs come from many different career fields. These areas share transferable skills and knowledge that helps them to operate successfully as Marketing Managers. Related areas include Journalism, Communication, Psychology, Public Relations, Sales, Marketing, Business Administration, Human Resource, Economics, Information Technology, Consumer Behavior, Statistics and Finance. Those managers with higher degrees such as a Masters or Doctoral Degrees create the opportunity to access job advancement and decision making prospects.

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