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Managing all aspects in planning and executing an event is the responsibility of an Events Manager. This job can be highly demanding and stressful; however, it is equally gratifying once you have presented a successful event. Events Managers are required to be very detail oriented, thorough in their approach and able to manage multiple tasks.

Managers also have to meet with clients, entertainers, performers, and their employers and this requires skills in communication, managing people and interpersonal relationships. They may be responsible for events based on the business in which they work. Some managers work with restaurants, hotels, international companies and NGOs. This will offer them the opportunity to use their resourcefulness and creativity.

An Events Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Managing event budget and expenditure
•  Networking with industry professionals
• Recruiting event staff
• Negotiating contracts and deals
•  Marketing or advertising the event
• Keeping the event compliant to local regulations
• Managing event team


• Public relations and advertising
• Project management
• Leadership
• Problem solving
• Teamwork and team management
• Professionalism
• Information technology
• Listening and communication
• Resolving problems efficiently
• Understanding diversity
• Being analytical
• Administration and organization


People who work in Events Management usually have experience working in the food service and hospitality industry. This unique experience gives them the opportunity to manage events that are catered to tourists, visitors and diverse people. Some employers do not anticipate qualifications for this profession, but will prefer a set of highly transferable and competent skills. Among them are project management, enthusiasm and marketing.
However, through formal education Events Managers are able to garner unique knowledge and appreciation for the industry in which they work. They will learn the requisite skills to manage events, budgets and people. Pursuing Bachelors and Masters Degrees in areas such as Hospitality Management, Entertainment, Food Service, Psychology, Marketing, Professional Studies or Communications, will give candidates the needed expertise to work successfully in this field.

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