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Under the umbrella of sales and marketing, a product manager works for a large company and is involved in the direction of a particular line of product. This position involves high level of experience working in the field and knowledge of marketing in order to succeed at promoting a particular product.
A product manager’s job is to look into and research the products for a company or organisation. They must take many factors into consideration, such as demographic and competition, as well as how the product fits in with the company’s business model. The manager of a product may work to promote multiple products at the same time.
Qualifications for product managing roles often include degrees in the field of marketing, product desing, product management and business. A person in this role generally has some experience within the particular field and a demonstrated ability. Salaries differ greatly from company to company, with some top employers paying as much as £100,000 per year.


Product managers oversee the production cycle of a company. They work to ensure that a product is not only successfully marketed, but also has a high quality. They often times distribute product samples to gain consumer opinions or heighten market expectations. Mangers often review product specifications, evaluate the quality, and recommend changes.
Functions of a product manager include:
• Maintain product quality
• Checking for product inconsistencies
• Coordinating with other departments
• Meeting with managers and stakeholders
• Delegating responsibilities
• Implementing and enforcing regulatory compliance standards
• Ensuring workplace safety
• Controlling productivity
• Assessing employee performance
• Recommending marketing strategies
• Surveying consumers
• Developing industry knowledge and awareness   Product managers receive very competitive wage packages, especially if they have many years of experience working in the industry. Salaries are job dependent and influenced by many external factors, outside of the manager’s experience. They can work normal office hours, or on shifts, they do work overtime hours as they have deadlines to accomplish.


• Proficient in using Microsoft applications and computer equipment
• Be able to lead teams
• Be able to communicate verbally and in a written form
• Be able to multitask
• Have excellent decision making skills
• Be able to resolve issues in a timely manner
• Act professionally
• Have superior research skills
• Be able to conduct meetings and training sessions
• Be able to plan activities and events
• Have comprehensive knowledge about the industry


Some employers prefer that their product managers have a Masters degree or MBA. Having qualifications in marketing is also beneficial. Product managers usually gain their experience by working on a product management team, as planners, coordinators, production assistants, marketing agents or communication assistants. In addition, they garner knowledge by assisting the product managers and qualify for promotion.
Product managers should have knowledge from different course areas. This equips them with the requisite skills to understand and manage the production cycle. They must be proficient in accounting, statistics, reporting, marketing, product development, and management.

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