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Nursing Assistants are required to help patients to have medical treatments and perform some daily tasks. They assist physically disabled or weak patients to perform their daily activities such as dressing and shower. These professionals also provide emotional and mental support to persons who are under treatments or suffering disorders. They may work at medical centers, private clinics, hospitals, community centers, social welfare organizations, nursing care facilities, among other places.

Nursing Assistants usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Communicating with patients and their families.
• Cooperating with other medical staffs.
• Providing emotional support.
• Observing recovery progress of patients.
• Helping patients to perform daily activities.


• Having nursing skills.
• Being able to handle multiple tasks at the same time.
• Having knowledge of safety procedures.
• Being able to work under stressful circumstances.
• Having good interpersonal skills.
• Being familiar with medical equipment.
• Having suitable personal hygiene.
• Being physically fit.
• Having a true desire to help others.
• Being patient.


Applicants for Nursing Assistant job placements are required to take Training Programs offered by community colleges and training institutes. These schemes require that candidates complete 75 hours of classroom experience and 20 hours of clinical training under supervision of a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Registered Nurse. Professionals working on this area can obtain a government certification in order to earn the title of Certified Nursing Assistant. This process last six to twelve weeks and is offered by medical facilities and community colleges.

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