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Training Managers handle the training needs of an institution; be it private or educational. Many Training Managers work in corporate organizations, overseeing the training needs of a company; while many work in educational organizations, planning, developing and implementing various training plans.
A Training Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Delivering training programs
• Formulating training policies
• Implementing technology-assisted training activities
• Developing e-learning tutorials
• Sustaining training standards
• Preparing detailed plans
• Training instructors
• Evaluating instructor performance


•  Strategic thinking
• Project management
• Communication
• Being analytical
• Multi-tasking
• Team building
• Being computer literate
•  Networking
• Time management
• Planning and effective use of resources
• Being professional and respectful
• Being positive and motivated


There are various qualifications you can pursue to become a Training Manager. That means studying areas such as:
•    Human Resources
•    Education
•    Business Administration
•    Teaching
•    Management
These courses allow graduates to cover a number of subjects that will help them effectively perform their job, equipping them with presentation and speech skills to handle workshops and seminars with large groups as well.

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