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Teaching is a very popular and needed profession in every country. Teachers are responsible for the educational development of children, teenagers and adults. They teach at all educational levels for public or private institutions. They use different learning strategies to get students interested in learning. Everyone learns differently and teachers appeal to our senses, so we can learn using our strengths; whether we are kinesthetic, multimodal, visual or listening type of learners. The pay grade of a teacher varies, and is dependent on their level, experience or the institution they work for.

A Teacher usually performs many of the following tasks:

•  Preparing lessons
•  Guiding students
• Attending staff meetings
• Going to seminars
• Motivating students to explore and learn
• Knowing the different learning modalities
• Counseling students


Expertise in the following areas is an asset:

•  Listening and communication
• Being professional and responsible
• Being amicable and understanding
• Being motivated and analytical
• Decision making
•  Problem solving
•  Stress management
•  Time management
•  Project management
• Being attentive and thorough
• Organization and administration


Teachers go through specific training. Many educational institutions require them to have a teaching certificate from a respected institution. Some are licensed to teach in various levels, such as kindergarten, junior high, or at the college level. Teachers can pursue a specific qualification in a certain area and then get their teaching certificate. Therefore these areas are too numerous to list; but teachers cover every course and qualification there is. The general rule is to have a higher certification or qualification than the level you are presently teaching. Teachers should have:
•    State certification
•    Relevant teaching experience
•    Qualification in the relevant subject area
•    Bachelor’s Degree or higher (Masters Degree preferred)

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