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Customer Service Representatives work in many industries. They support various products and services and assist customers in selecting and buying these products. These professionals are expected to constantly provide a high level of customer service. Many often fill a sales position.

Customer Service Representatives are sometimes known by these other job titles. Namely, Service Specialist, Consumer intake, Sales Support, Administrative Assistant, Bank Teller, Customer Assistant, or Salesperson.

A Customer Service Representative usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Answering customer calls
•  Selling company products
• Providing client support
• Taking and directing customer complaints
•  Entering data into a computer
•  Assisting other sales professionals
• Attending trainings and seminars


• Communicating in written and oral form
• Being computer literate
• Managing interpersonal relationships
• Being able to manage people
• Being flexible
•  Research
• Performing administrative tasks
• Being loyal and professional
• Being confident and self motivated
• Being amicable and approachable
• Being a good listener
•  Resolving problems effectively
• Being thorough and attentive


Customer Service Representatives should complete at least their High School education. However, there are employers who desire their workers to be more skilled and have completed or are pursuing a first degree. These Bachelors Degrees can be completed in different specialisations.
Normally, employers provide on the job training. They supply Customer Service Representatives with knowledge about the company’s products and services, and also on the different techniques they use with their customers. As the business industry has delved deeper into technology, Representatives are expected to have completed, even the minimum training in information technology.

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