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Customer Service Engineers understand the comprehensive and technical information about the particular services and products offered by their company. They may have both product service and development responsibilities. The earning potential of a Customer Service Engineer is very attractive. They are well compensated in both remuneration and benefits package for their expertise and knowledge, as their performance directly impacts the company’s profit margin.

A Customer Service Engineer usually performs many of the following tasks:

•  Answering customer calls
• Resolving client issues
•  Preparing documentation
• Testing equipment
•  Training customers
• Assisting maintenance technicians
• Visiting client locations
•  Providing feedback on product development


• Resolving client problems and relating to customers
• Monitoring customer accounts
• Time management, specially to meet deadlines
• Using computer applications
• Managing projects
• Presenting information
• Being self motivated
• Planning and multitasking
• Taking direction
• Interpersonal communication
• Networking


Customer Service Engineers are required to pursue an Engineering or Computer Science Degree. These courses will equip them with the technical expertise and understanding to successfully perform their duties. The higher the Degree, the more opportunity for professional advancement a Customer Service Engineer will receive. Engineers should continuously upgrade their qualifications, completing industry certifications

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