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Ensuring that the company’s customer service is always at a high level is the responsibility of a Customer Service Executive. However, their responsibilities may differ depending on the industry they are in. They usually follow up on customer complaints and ensure that their problems are resolved in a timely manner. This job can be at any level of the organization.

These professionals receive fine salaries and benefits. Benefits may comprise of commissions, bonuses, and other traditional benefits such as health care, pension, vacation and insurance. They work varying hours, depending on the employer’s stipulation. This may be on weekends, overtime or shift system.

A Customer Service Executive usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Preparing documentation
•  Monitoring procedures and processes
•  Mentoring new staff
•  Assisting team manager
• Following up on customer queries


• Information technology
• Leadership
• People management
• Being thorough
• Being a professional
•  Multitasking
• Project management
• Being friendly and respectful
• Being able to work in diverse environments
• Providing quality customer service
• Being tactful
•  Stress management
• Resolving problems effectively
• Being persuasive


To become a successful Customer Service Executive, persons should complete at least a Bachelors degree. This degree can be in Business, Management, Retail, Merchandising, Sales or Marketing related areas. Professionals with higher certification, have a better opportunity for job promotion.

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