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Personal Trainers are responsible for helping people to meet exercise and fitness goals. They may work with professional or amateur athletes who want to improve their performance. These professionals may train small groups of people or individuals to provide them higher levels of fitness. They review health history of their trainees to modify exercise programs according to their needs.

Personal Trainers usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Monitoring trainee advances.
• Applying exercise routines.
• Adapting exercise programs according to client´s limits.
• Evaluating client´s health history.
• Training athletes.


• Being able to motivate others.
• Having excellent communication skills.
• Being analytical.
• Having genuine interest in training topics.
• Being self-motivated.
• Having understanding about nutrition and diet.
• Being physically fit.
• Having a good sense of humor.
• Being creative.
• Being able to work with people from different backgrounds.


Personal Trainer jobs require candidates that are physically fit and have a degree in Physical Education. These degree courses provide knowledge in many specific aspects that these trainers must handle, for instance, knowing how the human body works and relaxes. Other topics included in these courses are nutrition, diet, and safety aspects. There are Bachelor´s degrees for this business that last four years and certification courses that take less time than a degree. People working on this industry may specialize as medical personal trainers. These professionals work in rehab clinics and hospitals, including therapy work to help people who have mobility problems.

There are certifications available for professionals in this industry approved by the National Commission of Certifying Agencies. These certifications include Nutrition, Weight Training, Anatomy, Group Fitness, or a combination of topics depending on specific certifications.

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