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Airline Pilots are responsible for operating aircraft for an air transportation company. In large jet aircraft they are part of a larger team that is required to operate the airplane and attend passengers, while on smaller aircraft these pilots may work alone. They usually pilot a plane with other pilot in the cockpit section. They operate aircraft in order to ferry passengers and cargo safely on a business, commercial or leisure basis.

Airline Pilots usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Analyzing flight schedule.
• Taking quick decisions in case of emergencies.
•  Monitoring weather conditions.
• Transmitting information to the air traffic control.
• Piloting aircraft of different sizes and features.


• Having good vision.
• Being able to give clear instructions to passengers and crew members.
• Having perception skills.
• Being able to read maps.
• Having excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Being able to follow instructions from the air traffic control.
• Having decision-making skills.
• Being able to stay calm in emergency circumstances.
• Having good eye-hand coordination.
• Being able to work with a team.


Applicants for Airline Pilot job placements are required to have a College Degree related to this field, preferably in Flight Engineering, including English, Math, and Physics subjects. Candidates then should enroll in a flight school to gain practical experience regarding to operating and flying the aircraft. They are required to complete six to seven weeks using a simulator. Then they have training sessions that may last up to 250 hours. Once completed this course, applicants can obtain a license from the Federal Aviation Administration by passing written and physical examinations. Those who want a license to work as an Airline Pilot are required to have 1,500 flying hours.

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