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Managing performances, events, artistes and entertainers is the responsibility of an Entertainment Manager. These professionals work extensively throughout the world. Their jobs provide limitless opportunities to travel nationally or internationally. Theirs is a stressful and demanding job, but their project management and people skills often assists them in managing sufficiently.
Entertainment Managers working with parks, lodges, holiday venues, international organizations, international artistes, hotels, and other companies involved in the entertainment industry. They usually have a team of professionals to manage and delegate responsibilities to. They include costume designers, makeup artists, sound and lighting technician, performers and other professionals.
An Entertainment Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Booking venues
• Managing budgets
• Negotiating contracts and fees
• Booking performers
• Managing events
•  Conducting research
•  Handling publicity
•  Working with agents


Expertise in the following areas is an asset:
• Being confident and assertive
• Networking
• Being persuasive
• People management
• Project management
• Being flexible
• Communication and listening
• Being focused and self motivated
• Being attentive and thorough
• Being able to multitask
• Working in a team environment
• Meeting deadlines
• Marketing and sales
• Generating innovative ideas
• Resolving problems quickly


There are several degree specializations that are very helpful in getting a job as an Entertainment Manager. These include:
•    Event Management
•    Hospitality
•    Business
•    Management
•    Marketing
•    Public Relations
•    Communication
•    Event Planning
Persons with experience working in Journalism, Communications, Liberal Arts, Business and Public Relations are able to transfer their skills readily becoming competent professionals.

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