Business Travel Consultant job description


Handling the travel arrangements of business and executive people or accounts is the responsibility of a Business Travel Consultant. Their job involves conducting research and collecting information on the destinations, flights and hotels that their clientele will travel to. They select the most reliable, safe, industry compliant and luxurious options to recommend to their customers.

Having a love for travel is typically a common trait of people who work in this field. Business Travel Consultants work normal office hours and receive lucrative remuneration for their services. If they work as fulltime employees, they receive good benefits. These may include commissions, insurance, health care and vacation packages.

A Business Travel Consultant usually performs many of the following tasks:

•  Planning itineraries
•  Advising clients
•  Booking hotels, air or sea travel, and car rentals
• Researching travel information
• Assuring client satisfaction
• Networking with industry professionals
• Marketing their services


• Networking
• Negotiating
• Planning and prioritizing
• Meeting targets
• Customer service
• Being bilingual or multilingual
• Being detail oriented
• Oral and written communication
• Time management
• Managing interpersonal relationships]
• Being amicable and approachable
• Being professional and assertive
• Computer knowledge
• Comprehensive industry knowledge
• Stress management


The following are a list of qualifications they are helpful in attaining a Business Travel Consultant position.
•    Certified Travel Counselor (CTC)
•    Certified Travel Associate (CTA)
•    Institute for Certified Travel Agents (ICTA)
•    Hospitality Management Diploma
•    Tourism Management Bachelors Or Masters Degree
Having a mastery of foreign languages is a major asset, especially Spanish, French, and Chinese in working as a Travel Consultant. Also, comprehensive knowledge of other areas such as marketing, business, geography, weather, local customs, travel documentation and other travel related information is an asset.

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