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Specialists working on the Research field are required to conduct surveys for different studies and then analyze results to form conclusions. They have strong aptitude and specific expertise in the area of researching a particular subject or phenomena. Some professionals working on this field are Researchers and they are responsible for gathering and analyzing data and opinions to explore issues, predict trends, and solve different types of problems.

Persons working on the Research area usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Compiling research related data.
•   Analyzing results.
• Creating reports about discoveries.
• Conducting surveys.
• Studying public opinion.


• Being able to work with a team.
• Having IT skills.
• Being able to follow precise instructions.
• Having good written and verbal communication skills.
• Being patient.
• Having good research abilities.
• Being able to spot and correct mistakes in research reports.
• Having high attention to details.
• Being organized.
• Having analytical skills.


Research jobs placements have not specific academic requirements for applicants. Persons who want to work in this area are required to have a Degree or Specialist Subject related to this field, including relevant experience. A good recommendation for applicants who want to study consumers´ demands and opinions is having a Bachelor´s Degree in Economics or Business Administration. Candidates having a good background in Statistics and Engineering are suitable for jobs in industrial areas and analytical research.  A Master´s Degree in Sociology and Political Science is very useful for applicants who want to have better job opportunities at higher level positions. Several professionals of this sector started working as interviewers, research assistants, or survey workers and then moved to other occupations.

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