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Laboratory Technicians are required to process laboratory samples, maintain and clean laboratory equipment, and perform tests. They properly work with a wide variety of chemicals and make sure that they are stored correctly. These workers need to order supplies and equipment, prepare reports, and enter information into databases. They may work for research organizations, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, medical laboratories, among other institutions and facilities.

Laboratory Technicians usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Reporting any incident.
• Disposing of harmful chemicals.
• Monitoring supplies.
• Maintaining samples.
• Interpreting results.


• Having conflict resolution skills.
• Being attentive to details.
• Having excellent communication skills.
• Being reliable and trustworthy.
• Having conceptual abilities.
• Being able to implement regulatory requirements in study conduct.
• Having interpersonal skills.
• Being able to prioritize within a changing environment.
• Having good eye-hand coordination.
• Being proactive.


Persons who want to be Laboratory Technicians are required to have a Bachelor´s Degree in Chemistry, Biology, or in Medical Technology. Subject selected for degree level determines specific work for these type of technicians. Candidates having a Bachelor´s Degree in Biology focus on cells and bacteria. Those who have a Degree in Chemistry work with chemical reactions and other mixing substances. Applicants for this area are also encouraged to take courses in microbiology, statistics, math, and other subjects related to this field. Training programs are offered by various organizations in the pharmaceutical and chemical area and some technical schools have training schemes in bacteriology, clinical chemistry, and medical technology.

In the case of internships, there are technical institutions, universities and other educational institutions that offer internships programs for professionals of this field. An example of these programs is the internship in Clinical Laboratory Technician offered by the College of Medicine of The Mayo School of Health Sciences.

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