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  • Data Entry Analyst Jobs positons Dec 31, 2018

    Data entry analysts manually enter text or numerical data into databases, spreadsheets or word processing programs. Professionals in this occupation may also use automated software programs to upload digital data files. Professionals in this occupation may work with client contact data, financial records, sales information or patient medical records.

    Employers normally require that data entry analyst workers complete high school, and applicants who have completed an associate degree or bachelor’s degree may find better paying positions that can lead to advancement opportunities. Data entry analysts receive on-the-job training that pertains to specific company software and company quality assurance procedures. Workers in this occupation need to understand the basic functionality of spreadsheet creation, word processing and database management programs. Employers may offer data entry analysts who have advanced knowledge of software programs additional job opportunities.

    Working Conditions
    Data entry analysts need to key in manual information quickly and accurately, and some workers may have daily or hourly quotas to fulfill. Professionals in this occupation often perform the same tasks throughout their workday, and data entry analysts may experience physical discomfort in their hands, arms and wrists from repetitive computer tasks.

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