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  • Paid relocation? Last updated by Anabelle: Nov 15, 2017

    Hi guys, I got a job but I have to move to a new city. Should I expect to get paid for the relocation? It’s an entry level job so the salary on its own won’t be too high. Either way I’ll be unemployed for at least a week while I move. And since I move because of them shouldn’t they pay for my relocation? I don’t have much money now since this is my first job, but moving won’t be cheap… What should I do? Should I ask them?

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    • Hello , from my experience I’d recommend you not to worry… I mean some companies do pay for the relocation and other just don’t. Also depends on the distance you had to relocate to etc. Obviously relocations aren’t cheap so if I were you I would ask them if it’s possible for them to help you with that. In the case they say they don’t pay for relocations ask for an anticipation of your first paycheck, of half of it so you can move properly.

      Nov 15, 2017 Reply to Anabelle
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