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  • best online schools for pharmacy technician associate degree Last updated by Breanna: Dec 19, 2017

    Hey girls ! I see this is a popular topic! I already decided to do it but I want to know where you guys went or if you have found a list of the best schools let me know! I’m in the process of deciding where do I want to go, well actually “go” hahaha because it’s an online program but you know what I mean.If you’ve ever done this I feel you’ve researched everywhere so please let me know what have you found where have you studied and if you enjoyed it or not. Thank you!

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    • Hey Janet ! Yes I was just researching about this topic and so far I’ve found that the best five are : the Hutchinson Community College, the University of Alaska Anchorage, the Barton County Community College, the Sinclair Community college and the Kirtland Community College. I personally will go to the University of Alaska since I’m from there and they offer a paharmacy technician certification online through its school of Allied Health. The program curriculum combines business, customer service, and professional aspects of pharmacies with courses in communication, medical calculation, and medication ordering. It looks pretty good to me tbh, but the others look amazing as well I chose this just because it’s easier for me. Good luck! Hope this helped!

      Dec 19, 2017 Reply to Breanna
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  • will it suit my schedule? future jobs? help me! Last updated by Sonia: Dec 18, 2017

    Hey guys, I’m struggling a bit deciding the same thing! But I have other concerns. I don’t know if the program will work with my schedule. I have a job right now that I can not quit because otherwise I’m not going to be able to pay for my stuff… And also I’d like to know what kind of jobs can I get with a pharmacy technician associate degree? Feel free to talk about your own experience as well!

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    • Hi Baylee! Don’t worry about the schedule! I know you feel it’s going to take up a lot of time (which it will) but don’t worry because these programs are often really flexible compared to traditional education. For example I was able to access course lectures, reading, participate in virtual discussions, sibmit writer assignments, take exams and communicate with my professors whenever and wherever I was/wanted to. What I’m trying to say is that you’ll be able to study as long as you have access to a device with Wi-Fi capabilities. And they will also probably coordinate your internship at hospitals near you. I don’t know if my experience was good luck or it is really a good experience and nice program to take. Either way if you are thinking about it go for it. You won’t regret it!

      Dec 18, 2017 Reply to Kimora
    • Hey Baylee about the jobs you can get with a pharmacy technician associate degree… keep in mind that the BLS notes that most pharmacy roles require an equivalent to a high school diploma so if you have a pharmacy technician associate degree you’ll be positioned for a competitive job market. You can also aspire to start in this industry as pharmacy aides (handling record-keeping and inventory needs at pharmacies and drugstores. If you want to get other jobs like medical and clinical laboratory technologists and technicians, pharmacists and pharmaceutical sales representatives keep in mind that it will require additional information.

      Dec 18, 2017 Reply to Sonia
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  • is online training a good idea? Last updated by Luna: Dec 18, 2017

    hey there everyone! I‘m thinking about taking an online pharmacy technician associate program, but will it provide me with the skills I need to advance in my career? I want to become a virtual pharmacy technician, but I’m not sure about online training. I’ve always done face-to-face courses or classes, never home schooled. So now I hesitate about taking this course. Any advice?

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    • Hello Maci! I know how you feel. I felt the same way before starting my pharmacy technician associate program, but now that I finished it I don’t regret it at all. The program will introduce you to the basics of the profession covering subjects like medical terminology, pharmaceutical math, anatomy, pharmaceutical measurements, physiology, pathology, chemistry , biology, algebra…
      My coursework in specific, like many programs do, required an offsite internship or externship, where I received supervised training from experienced professionals. From my experience it’s something worth trying. I love my job and I wouldn’t be able to be where I am if it weren’t from this coursework. Hope this helped somehow and good luck!

      Dec 18, 2017 Reply to Luna
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