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  • Should I quit my job? Working from home being a SEO? Last updated by Joseph2: Apr 18, 2017 View last comments

    I’m working as a SEO for a big corporation but lately I’ve been thinking about trying to work for myself … like start a business or do external SEO for smaller companies… Is someone working from home? Is this a good idea? I never worked from home so I don’t know about the pros and cons … If you work from home please let me know what do you like about it and what to you thing is the hardest thing for you. Thank you!!

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    • Hello I never worked from home but I feel I’d be distracted all the time since I’d have tv around and my hobbies available … in the office all I can do is work so I can’t get my head off work you know? Hope this helped!

      Apr 7, 2017 Reply to Hunter
    • Hi I’ve been working from home for about a year now, I really enjoy it, but the only thing I miss is the lack of human interaction, say good morning to someone and have team mates who you can joke arround with. But to be honest it has it’s pros, you get much more stuff done and you can take breaks whenever you need it. I feel working from home gives you freedom plus if you feel lonely you can have virtual meeting with other members working from home or with customers or providers… It’s all about balance. What I know is that what I use to do in the office in 8 hours I can do it now in 5. NO JOKE. Everything is more natural and you are what matters. I recommend it. It literally changed my life.

      Apr 7, 2017 Reply to NatalieDiver
    • I’ve been working from home for about 8 months.. the first 4 months I used to work from coffee shops but background noise and people are massive distractions… Then I tried to play some music in my headphones but I ended up creating my own office. I went back at home and spent a week making one of my rooms into a little office and so happy I did. Maybe you can find this an issue if you are living in a big city near a really busy street or something.

      Apr 10, 2017 Reply to chandler
    • Oh my go you are so lucky! I wish I had the opportunity to work for myself from home or from wherever I felt that day but unfortunately I don’t have special skills and I don’t know how to run a business.. so I feel that people that have this opportunity should take the advantage and at least try it !!

      Apr 10, 2017 Reply to Jannissee
    • Hey there! I’m a dad of two little girls. My wife passed away last year and I’m trying to grow my own business while I work for another company. I want to be able to work from home so I can be with my girls as much as possible, get ready with them and drive them to school, pick them up and have dinner with them… I can work while they are at school and also a little bit more when they are already in bed. For me that’d be a dream come true so right now I’m working my ass off to achieve to have my own business where I can work on something I’m passionate about and also having time and enjoying life as it is. So take the chance if you can. Hugs!

      Apr 18, 2017 Reply to Joseph2
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  • My dream job Last updated by Monirul Islam: Dec 20, 2015

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • Accounting and Book Keeping

      Dec 20, 2015 Reply to Monirul Islam
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