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  • How to apply sponsorship visa Last updated by Sama Ernestine Atam: Jul 3, 2018

    My name is Frankie from Philippines,Why it is really difficult for me to find a Company giving a sponsorship visa like Canada and US?Any one can help me?

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    • My name is an unemployed in my country Cameroon. I'm in need of a visa sponsorship. Please how can I get to a company for visa sponsorship to worry in USA or Canada. Thanks

      Jul 3, 2018 Reply to Sama Ernestine Atam
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  • Sponsorship Mar 29, 2018

    Am in desperately need of a visa sponsorship to USA,how can I find a company that is willing to sponsor there Employee

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  • Would like to relocate to the US - advise please Mar 18, 2018

    South African family of 3 desperate to relocate to the US. Our Country is currently going up in flames due to the land reform and white Genocide, so safety is great concern. Need advise on how to immigrate via employment sponsorship.

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  • work Nov 27, 2017

    Anyone know of any cook jobs.I'm a Jamaica looking to be hired overseas.But I don't have a visa and I'm looking to be sponsored

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  • Will You Provide Me Sponsorship for job ? Last updated by vijaym78: Aug 15, 2017

    Will You Provide Me Sponsorship for job ?
    I ready to work at any post of you offered me. Please Guide me. I Am really very hardworker and i have guts to prove them.

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    • I’m also looking for a sponsorship… I’m searching for brands that have a connection with what I do, try to do the same. Maybe we find something … good luck!

      Dec 20, 2016 Reply to Aiden
    • sir i am working as knits merchandiser as 12 yrs,i am very hardworking person and dedicative to the job . pls find me sponser job for me

      Aug 15, 2017 Reply to vijaym78
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  • visa sponsorship needed Last updated by solomon: Apr 23, 2017

    Do you know any company which offer an active visa sponsorship program to their foreign national employees?

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    • Hello!! I know it’s hard to find companies like that.. I know about the common ones but the harder to get a job in : Facebook, google, apple, amazon, Microsoft , Verizon…. I don’t know if this helps…What do you do?

      Dec 20, 2016 Reply to Brody
    • Hello, If you don't mind working in the UAEthere visa sponsorship and a very good package. Besides it's a beautiful place to be. Drop your CV at GFXCAREERS

      Feb 9, 2017 Reply to Anderson
    • Please is gfxcareers sponsorship programme to Dubai real? I got message for me to drop my cv for free Dubai sponsorship

      Apr 23, 2017 Reply to solomon
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  • Procurando emprego Last updated by Kate: Mar 22, 2017

    Quero um emprego de limpeza

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    • Hello Jeferson, do you speak english? Where are you from? because companies usually look for people with a good english level..

      Mar 22, 2017 Reply to Kate
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  • sponsorship for foreign icu nurse Last updated by Adelia: Jan 25, 2017

    Hi , Just starting to look for a way to go to usa Florida as a icu nurse,I am a Portuguese nurse but i have been working in UK for 9 years and decided to make a change.Can someone advise me witch companies can help me with the sponsorship process ,Thank you.

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    • Hello Samuel, I’m also looking for a sponsorship in the usa. I’m French and I can’t seem to find any… All the offers I saw by now say: “Visa Sponsorship: No.”
      I read somewhere that, besides sponsorship being hard to get or find, there are some requirements to meet. For example the NCLEX-RN exam or having immigration documentation like a green card… I don’t know for fact that you need to have that in order to get a sponsorship but I’m sure that will help us…
      Do you think we should start doing all paperwork so in case we find a company who is able to offer us a sponsorship we’ll be closer to our goal?

      Jan 25, 2017 Reply to Adelia
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  • My dream job Last updated by Richard : Mar 24, 2016

    If you could choose a dream job whether it be in your current field or something else what would it be?

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    • My dream job would be, a Fashion Buyer for Nordstrom. What's then to be able to do both, travel the world and be able to shop TOO. A girl's dream JOB.

      Mar 14, 2016 Reply to Belinda
    • My ideal job is General Manager of a Warehouse

      Mar 24, 2016 Reply to Richard
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