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  • how to properly search for a job? Last updated by Natalie: Apr 18, 2017

    I’m so tired of trying. I’ve been looking for a pharmacist job in the united states but is really hard to find anything. I’ve been trying to find a job in many different job sites for 15 months. I’m so lost and this is destroying my resume and my confidence. Any advice?

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    • Same ! I’ve been unemployed for a year and a half now and whenever you get an interview employers don’t take me seriously because they think my skills faded or are outdated.

      Apr 3, 2017 Reply to Grayson
      • Omg that sucks!! Have you ever tried to ask for a skill evaluation?

        Apr 18, 2017 Reply to Natalie
        • Yes!! But you know what?
          They refuse !! they think you forgot to do your profession.. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE!!! I’m so mad sorry

          Apr 18, 2017 Reply to Grayson
          • I understand I mean is a career where I put a lot of effort, money and hard work and I don’t wanna give it up!! I just don’t! I don’t deserve this!

            Apr 18, 2017
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