Cdl Driver job description

Cdl Drivers are responsible for transporting different types of goods from distribution centers to customer locations using a truck. They are also required to perform inspections before and after a trip, and unload cased products from the trailer to customer facilities. These drivers also follow appropriate safety procedures to transport dangerous cargo and maintain logs of vehicle repair status and working hours.

Cdl Drivers usually perform many of the following tasks:
•   Delivering freight.
• Managing proof of delivery paperwork from customers.
• Assisting workers in loading and unloading trucks.
• Checking mechanical aspects of the vehicle.
• Driving different types of trucks.

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• Having customer service skills.
• Being self-motivated.
• Having good communication skills.
• Being able to work independently.
• Having interpersonal skills.
• Being responsible.
• Having good knowledge of roads.
• Being able to work under pressure.
• Having good work ethic.
• Being able to read customer orders and follow safety regulations.

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Persons who want to work as Cdl Drivers need to have a High School Diploma or equivalent education level as minimum academic qualifications. They also must attend a training program from a technical or vocational school in order to learn suitable skills and knowledge to obtain the Commercial Driver´s License (CDL). This document is required to drive trucks or other types of vehicles carrying hazardous materials or oversize loads with a weight over 26,001 pounds. There are driver-training programs that teach how to inspect trucks for compliance with regulations of this industry and how to maneuver large vehicles in crowded streets and highways. Some employers demand candidates having a Class A CDL for interstate commerce, including one year of driving experience with that license.

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