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    Hi, I reached the final step of the H1B visa interview process. I need to get ready for the final interview and I'd like to know how to prepare for this. Can you give me some tips to get succeed in the US H1B visa interview? Everyone tells me to stay calm and "don't get nervous" "it's not a job interview". But yeah I feel this is more important that a regular job interview. But I need real preparation not like "you must have self-confidence" that will depend on the moment, how I feel, if I feel ready and so on. Please help! Anyone who has been thought this that can give me proper advice? thanks!

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    • Hi logan , I know how you feel! I went through the same ! Everyone tells you stuff like calm down, be yourself etc, that is true but it really helped me to check online what were the most frequently asked questions. I encourage you to do the same but I'll tell you what they asked me :First they asked me the protocol questions I guess to be more friendly and get to know me ; how are you doing today? where is your passport? can I see your H1b approval document? Do you hace any old passport? why do you want to got o the usa? have you ever been? are you married? Are you planing on going back to your country ?and so on. An they asked me education questions like : what is your qualification? did you graduate from the us? what is you highest degree┬┐ Ca i see you degree certificates? In which year and from which university? what was the subject of the thesis? and then they will start to ask questions about your job like : can i see an offer letter? what is your current job responsibilities? what is your salary? what is your current project in present company? show me your bank statements? who is the ceo? what are the qualifications of the job? Can I see experience letters offers?

      So as you can see it's all about you and your life , your career... Let me know if this helped you in any way!! and remember to be honest and have fun! Good luck!

      Dec 14, 2017 Reply to Lizzie
    • Hey! fi you are nervous for the interview you'd also like some advice on the physical appearance and attitude. Since you are going to a professional interview you should dress up properly so check the dress code, remember to maintain a pleasant smile but don't fake it, don't panic, give genuine answers and stay confident. When it comes to answering the questions provide clear and concise answers, don't give unnecessary details that were not asked for. Don't argue, don't ask unnecessary questions and remember to be polite and humble.

      Keep this in mind because it's not only what do you answer but how you do it. Good luck!

      Dec 14, 2017 Reply to Rachel
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