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  • should I buy a truck? is truck owner operator a job I can count on? Last updated by andrewTruckguy: Nov 21, 2017

    Someone who has been a truck owner operator for years and is still happy with your career? I feel it could be a good fit for me. I like driving and stuff but I am going to invest a lot of money on a truck.. That is why I hesitate… any advice? What are the usual requirements for these types of offers? Do you feel is better to get a job similar but with the company truck? My dream has always been to own a truck, that is why this job calls me, but I don’t know if the company pays for the maintenance or I’ll need to cover those expenses too. Thanks

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    • Hello, I have been a truck owner driver for 4 years now. I think is a nice job since you get to drive many places which I love and I get paid about 300 dollars a day and it’s not super hard to do , just drive effectively, that I feel that if your dream is owning a truck you’d love to drive as well. But keep in mind that you’ll need to invest in you truck, you’ll have maintenance costs every month.

      Nov 21, 2017 Reply to will
    • Hey there! It’s so cool that now days there’re still people interested in these jobs. I’m going to give you some tips just in case you decide to go for it. First of all your truck is just a business tool and understand the sector you are getting into, look for companies in sectors where you can have a long term relationship with the customers so you’ll have long term income. And the most important is to understand and accept that they will pay you for the work you do , don’t expect to make $3 a mile in a hook and drop operation, if you are willing to do more work and take responsibility you’ll earn more!

      Nov 21, 2017 Reply to andrewTruckguy
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