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  • is it approachable to wanting to become a loan processor? Last updated by Micah: Nov 23, 2017

    Hi , I am interested in economics, but I don’t want to go to university yet I want a stable job like everyone else and we’re looking to have a kid. I heard that I can easily become a Loan processor. Do you know anyone who is a loan processor? Do you think it is achievable? What are the skills and requirements for the job? How much money will I make? Can I work on remote? I want to be able to spend time with my future kids so I’d like to work from home. Thanks.

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    • Hello Anthony , well, to get started you can be a Loan processor. You are going to interview people who are looking to get loans. I think this suits you very well at the moment because you only need a high school diploma to get started but don’t worry most of the training will be done on the job. I recommend you to start looking right now, because before being able to work remotely you need to gain experience, you could start forking for someone right now and then you will be able to work from home without a doubt. Hope this helps !

      Nov 23, 2017 Reply to Ava
    • Hey there, Ava is right! You should start looking now if you want to work remotely in the future and have to experience right now. I am a loan clerk and I really enjoy it! You’ll make in between 16 and 33 dollars an hour. And the skills you should have or it’s recommended to have to enjoy the job position and be able to stay on this path are: Math, Communication and Organizational skills. To be honest the most important for me has been organizational skills and even more if you are willing to work from home. You’ll need to organize multiple sources and work and multiple projects at the time. You need communication skills because your jobs is basically talking to applicants to get their personal and financial information, as well as explain the procedures to applicants. You’ll need math skills simply because you have to calculate credit scores and other duties, but I wouldn’t worry too much because it’s basic math skills. I hope this is helpful for you! If you have any other questions let us know! I feel this forum is full of people willing to help others!

      Nov 23, 2017 Reply to Micah
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