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  • just curious Last updated by Mia: Apr 3, 2017

    What is NDT? I saw a couple of vacancies about it and now I’m curious..

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    • Hey there, basically NDT stands for Non-destructive Testing and is a term used for a wide range of analysis technique used in industry, science, forensics, art or medicine to evaluate the properties of a material, system, component etc without causing harm.

      Mar 30, 2017 Reply to Jenn5
      • Woe that’s interesting , so we could say that a radiography is NDT?

        Mar 30, 2017 Reply to Mia
        • Yes! Exactly ! you also have methods like Magnetic particle testing (MT) Liquid penetrant testing (PT) Radiation Protection supervisor (RPS) Ultrasonic testing (UT) Visual testing (VT) if you are interested in this I recommend you to investigate about this because it’s pretty interesting. I mean I’m not a scientific myself. I’m just curious and love to look this things up. Hope this helped!

          Apr 3, 2017 Reply to Jenn5
          • Cool! Yes sure I’ll look it up because I’m actually interested to see how people use it in art.

            Apr 3, 2017
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