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  • GIFTS FOR MEN? Last updated by Sawyer: Dec 13, 2016

    Hi I want to give my dad a really nice gift for Christmas, but I don’t know what to buy... he has everything... Any idea?

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    • Yeah boys have little hobbies… my bother only plays Basketball and videogames. He has pretty much everything, don’t know what to do .

      Nov 17, 2016 Reply to Adele
    • Hello Eve, I have the same problem with my brother… I think I’m going to buy him a one of his favorite movies or something…

      Nov 18, 2016 Reply to Lillian
    • Hi girls same here…. I’m gonna buy my boyfriend something to decorate his bedside table and some xbox games.

      Nov 24, 2016 Reply to Alison
    • OMG girls calm down and just invite him to dinner in a nice restaurant.

      Nov 28, 2016 Reply to Becca
    • Hi how you can see by my name I’m a boy so… If they have it all already what I recommend is to buy “experiences” I mean go buy them an indoor skydive experience, a race with a nascar car or a Ferrari or fly an helicopter. And if you don’t have much money go to dinner in a nice place and that’s it!!

      Dec 13, 2016 Reply to Sawyer
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