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  • Gender bias against older men in the administrative and office assistant fields Jan 10, 2017

    How much preference or bias is there within the Administrative fields towards younger women and against men? As a man whom is a seasoned professional I am sensing a subtle yet constant trend wherein there seems to be a definite gender bias against men and towards women for most such openings; even though I have worked in both Office Administration, and Office Management.

    Is this a genuine bias; or are there other forces at work? As a man with related relevant experience, education and training; I am not generating the kinds of leads or interest in my interviewing for firms that I had anticipated. Am I missing something? Is this a genuine bias or is it something else?

    I should note that I am also a somewhat more senior 'older' job seeker (I am "58')

    How best can I mitigate these obstacles, sexism and ageism so that I might regain employment?

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