Mechanical Engineer job description


Working in the manufacturing or production industries allows Mechanical Engineer to oversee the development of machines and equipment, including car engines, escalators, air planes, electrical equipment and tools. The job of a Mechanical Engineer pays an attractive salary. Their earnings are even greater with added years of working experience. With their many responsibilities, as they do keep normal office hours, they may be required to work overtime of on shift systems.

A Mechanical Engineer usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Assessing the needs of clients
• Servicing equipment
• Installing equipment
• Supervising staff
• Determining costs
• Communicating with customers
• Designing machines


• Oral and written communication
• Resolving equipment and machinery problems
• Being precise and thorough
• Managing multiple projects
• Advanced mechanical knowledge
• Teamwork
• Being creative and innovative
• Being able to work alone
• Pursuing licensing
• Achieving targets
• Working in various environments
• Being flexible


Mechanical Engineers must pursue state licensing after achieving engineering qualifications. After they have studied for their Bachelors or Masters Degree, employers expect graduates to gain their license which proves their proficiency. Many Engineers may continue their studies. They often choose a different specialization such as Business Administration.

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